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Extensive experience with diverse businesses and foundations, I have built a strong interactive web development background. I can help you answer questions like 'how much should your website development project cost. And why?'.


I have a passion for producing enhanced customer experiences for ecommerce web stores, content curation, and social marketing. I can analyze start-ups, help with business plans or enhance existing businesses though customer experience and maintain their web presence.

Mobile Web Development

I can create/recreate your existing web store using the latest ecommerce technology or enhance your site with a new sleek device optimized look and feel using technologies like HTML5, CSS3 in a responsive design.

Social & CRM Marketing

It's easy to create social pages, and make posts, jeeze even websites; however, I can show you how to utilize web analytics to view your visitors, analyze their behaviour, then create more effective content and targeted posts.

We can observe and evolve more relevant traffic to your website, reaching a goal of product awareness and/or conversion $$$ through these social and email channels. When using proper email generation, we can communicate through digital campaigns, reach customers with your updates and promotions who are already interested in your product, turning social likes, shares and visits into profits.

Cross-Device Advertising and Web Insight through Analytics

Experts predict that by 2015, the Internet will be accessed more by mobile devices than desktops. So I can help you build your #Mobile business strategy swiftly, with insights.

  • HTML5 Banner Ads

    85% of rich media ads are still built in Flash and not HTML5 which is cross-browser and device friendly. Get the most from the money you spend in advertising! #DisplayMarketing

  • Analytics

    By knowing what ads drive your potential customers to your promotions, we can determine what is effectively driving traffic to your website, which device they're on and for how long. #GoogleAnalytics

  • Customer Experience

    Let's identify who your current customers are and how to gain potential new customers with similar interests and in turn maximize your advertising budget. #CX

  • Utilize Free Social Marketing

    Whether it is millennials checking their Facebook 1600x per day or someone looking for a tutorial on how to do something you have mastered, videos are a key part to any marketing strategy. #SocialMediaMarketing

  • Local search

    Google has blended search results into every search. These results have a mix of websites and local business information - mainly from Google+ Local Pages. #GooglePlus

  • Create backlinks

    Unfortunately, there are many sites like or similar to yours.. So how do search engines choose who to show on the first page? #DrewCommerce

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